Top 5 inappropriate wedding songs

Your first dance should be the a beautiful moment for you and you need to avoid inappropriate songs from being played during your wedding .You can imagine a situation where the ceremony may be lovely and the reception may be its full swing, then the DJ spins a song that can make you burst into tears. Inappropriate wedding songs denounce the very sort of a loving relationship you intend to celebrate.

The following are some of the songs that can doom your new wife or husband into a life of misery and sorrow:

  1. "Separate Ways"-The only thing that is sadder than death of a love affair that had promises that were infinite. It is done by Steve Perry.
  2. "Love Will Tear Us A part"-Songs have credited love with several things over the years but never tears anybody apart. This song by Joy Division seems to be mean the relationship‘s death because of priorities of the couples which tend to change than any physical dismemberment.
  3. "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion-Because no one wants to think of one history, most tragic losses of life on your wedding day. In the real sense the song is not talking about the sinking of the titanic.
  4. "Better Man" a song by Pearl Jam-This song by Pearl Jam is about a woman who goes for a man because she thinks that she can’t do any better. In the real sense the song is all about his own stepfather and during the concerts, he dedicates it to the bustard that married his mother. This was said by Front man Eddie Vetter.
  5. "Don’t Marry Her"-When this has been dropped in a couple’s wedding playlist, after the guests have guzzled the free champagne and are stumbling around the dancing floor, they are forced to retain their glamorous aura which was arriving. It is inappropriate in weddings.

Just because a song has a melody which is romantic or contains the word love in the tittle, it does not mean that it is the most inappropriate.