Best Classical songs for a first wedding dance

On your wedding day, the first dance is inevitably a highlight of the ceremonial proceedings. “The first” symbolizes a one and only first time thing that doesn’t come more than once. With this in mind, during that day you’ve been yearning for, you need to make it memorable and unforgettable. The first dance is performed by the groom and bride as a celebration of their union.

The dance movements and accompaniment song(s) are of your tastes and preferences. If that happens to be a classical tune, you can’t go wrong making the dance uniquely romantic. Being the most anticipated for part during the reception, it needs to be well-rehearsed and put into plan. However, don’t concentrate more on making it look perfect rather dance for the moment and just enjoy the music with the love of your life.

Finding the right music for your first dance complements this moment making it out-rightly romantic and awing those in attendance. A classical tune will make the first dance intimate and more sentimental as you dance through each tune with love and joy while holding hands with your significant other. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 90’s or a 21st Century classical tune. What matters most is that you have an amazing first dance and a memorable one for the records on people’s minds and in your hearts.

The top 5 and best classical songs to choose from for your first dance that will never fail are:

  1. Just the way you are-Bruno Mars
  2. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  3. At last - Etta James
  4. You’re my best friend - Queen
  5. All of me - John Legend