Tips on first-dance songs

The first dance at the wedding is the bride and groom first dance as a married couple. It needs to be ideal to fit the couple’s style and taste. It needs to be appropriate for formality levels of the wedding. A first dance song should be one of the easiest decisions when planning a wedding. Once many couples realize the great options, the pressure can start to mount. The following is a guideline that can help musical interest you select your first dance song in your wedding:

  • You need to find a common musical interest. In many cases the opposites attracts each other. It becomes possible that you and your lover do not have the same taste of music. When this occurs, you need to narrow down your selections by focusing on one genre that both of you like.
  • Look for lyrics that speak about your relationship together. Find lyrics that tell about your story. It may be about your first date, your first kiss or even about the first time when each one said I love you to the other. Also on the same note, you should consider the time you spent with each other struggling; you need to consider a situation when you met each other in life with children.
  • Look for a song which is danceable. The first dance song at your wedding needs to be simple. It is easy in choosing your song and you do not need to assume that it is very perfect because you like it.The song may not have the right tempo.It maybe too slow or too fast. To find out if it feels right, you need to practice a run first.
  • Ask assistance from your DJ for suggestions. The band or your DJ is the great resources for the suggestions on first dance for your wedding. If you are stumped, they can provide you with many options to select from.
  • Honor your family and heritage. Ask your parents on the songs that they danced for in their weddings. To play the similar song at your wedding can help celebrate your family members.