Tips on selecting music for church wedding ceremony

The sound of wedding bells is pleasant and signifies that a wedding is nearby. Weddings are happy occasions that bring union of two different people and joining them as one. You’re families, the locals and your guests will be your witnesses as you fulfill your wedding dreams. There are five main sessions you will need to take care of if celebrating a church wedding i.e. prelude, postlude, procession, recession and the ceremony itself. The kind of music you select for your wedding will define you, set the right mood for the ceremony and more so create an appropriate atmosphere. Therefore you’ll need to carefully select the music playlist so that you don’t fail yourself in anyway. Outlined below are some tips you can look into for a well-defined guide on selecting music for your church wedding.

Personalize the music selection. Yes, church wedding traditions will always be there and bending them for just that one special day won’t do no harm. On your wedding day, it is that one day when everything and everyone is on you. Take advantage of this and choose songs which you like and would love to hear them play at the background on your wedding day.

Go Gospel. It’s a church wedding so it’s only common sense to select those songs which are acceptable to the church. This is a sign of respect for the church as well as God. Have a word with the ceremony celebrant to be sure that your music selection is on track.

Choose hymns the congregation is familiar with. It is only fair and right to pick out those songs which the guests and congregation will enjoy and they know the lyrics and tune. This will bring out the joyous mood which they’ll be experiencing as they sing along to the music.

Instrumental or vocal? Well both are great ways of presenting songs especially during a wedding. They liven up the mood, emit quite the beautiful sounds of the songs and most importantly, entertain the congregation. If not sure which way to go, incorporate them together and be eager to be wowed by how well the collaboration will be sweet and melodic.

Finally select quite a number of tracks to be played on that day. With all the proceedings and activities likely to occur in the church, you don’t need to bore people with silence. Keep them entertained with song after song and let them enjoy having attended your wedding.